Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Neal Baronian

Neal Baronian. 12th Grade

When I was down at the morgue in California, we had one case come in. It was the last case I worked on. It was a man who had committed suicide with antifreeze. That case really was weird because in forensic medicine, you want to be able to back yourself off from the cases so you don’t get mentally or emotionally involved, but at the same time you have to be able to have a feel for the people. You can’t be just “oh, this is just a disease.” You have to realize this a person you're dealing with. This is a dead family member to somebody. The cadaver was somebody, but you still have to be able to desensitize. What was weird about that case was that the person committed suicide and shortly before coming into the morgue, I found out that one of my friends was brought into an institution because they had attempted suicide. It was good and bad because I heard about it just before I walked in. There was this very serene feeling in the morgue. It wasn’t eerie or even creepy. As weird as it sounds, I felt at home.

Reilly Caroll

Reilly Caroll. 10th Grade

401901a1-c338-40d5-809f-8bed4ba203cd.jpgIn 8th grade my friend wanted me to be an antagonist in his videogame. Instead of the character being called Reilly he named it Reillus. Everyone liked it so they called me that. I brought it to high school. I was really firm on the idea that people called me that the beginning of freshman year. I don’t really care if people call me Reillus anymore.

Sasha Ah Loy

Sasha Ah Loy. 11th Grade

I was born in Hawaii, and I lived there for twelve years until 2012 when I moved to Oregon because my mom became engaged to a man named Robert. It was a bit hard to move. The actual day of going on the airplane to Oregon was really hard. I had to say bye to my dad, sister, my grandma and my cousin. While we were waiting for the plane, my mom and I just kept saying our goodbyes over and over again to the family. Everyone was just crying. They were bawling. By the time the plane came, that was the hardest I ever cried because I had to leave my family. But on the plane ride to Oregon, I calmed down and began to feel a little better because I knew I wouldn’t be leaving them forever and I’d come back to visit them every year.

Paige Stewart

Paige Stewart. 10th Grade

I have some awesome friends especially this year and last year, and I’ve always wanted a nickname, and now my friends hardly ever call me by my real name. It’s actually kind of awesome for me! Lucy has decided to call me “PIE-ee-hay” because when she went down to Mexico, the Mexican children would read Paige with a different pronunciation (PIE-ee-hay). Then there’s people who call me “PUH-hee-na” which is literally “page” in Spanish. Then there’s Annie, and she calls me “Podge.” I’ve also been called Marissa, and that stems from a drama club script I wrote. I have a lot of cool names and even cooler friends!

Allison Dibble

Allison Dibble. 10th Grade

It was the first time I had ever been to a theme park in Washington. I was going to Idaho with my friend. Sarah was her name. We were piling out of the car, and her dad was still getting swimming stuff out. We were just talking, making light conversation as we waited. Then she suddenly said, “I used to be blonde!” as she takes off her shirt.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Alina Zubko

Alina Zubko. 11th Grade

When I was ten years old, my dad, mom, sister and I went to go visit my mom’s family in Ukraine. Ukraine is more country than city and especially where my grandma and grandpa lived, people there all grow their own food. Once a week there would be this thing called a bazaar that people could to their village and sell food and other goods for a cheaper price. We decided to go one day so we did. What a lot of people don’t know is that if you go out to places like this you always wanna have a pin somewhere on your clothes. The reason for this is to keep the evil away. I never understood how that pin protects you but I wasn’t going to find out. We went on this trip and it was both my family’s and I’s first time and my mom forgot about the whole thing of wearing a pin. We walked around, bought the things we need when suddenly everything to me changed. I lost strength but it was good thing my parents were next to me and they knew what was going on with me, but I didn’t. So this is what happened. First I lost all the strength I had and got this urge to throw up and the same moment you feel as if you have lost all the water in your body. While this was happening you get sleepy, and it happens fast. You can’t control, it’s as if your eyes become their own but you can’t fall asleep because if you do well, you won’t wake up. We rushed home and the whole way there everybody kept talking and getting me to do things so I wouldn’t fall asleep. After the whole thing ended I could only remember parts of it and from what my parents told. I realized then that day that could’ve been my last. It was the most scariest thing I’ve had to go through and till this day I don’t know how or why this happened. The evil almost got to me.

Kyla Sockey

Kyla Sockey. 12th Grade

I am boring. I do nothing. I am lazy. I read a lot even when I’m supposed to be doing classwork (the teachers never notice). I end up procrastinating all the time. During summer school, I had a major poster assignment that I needed to turn in, but I waited till the last minute to start. I did the entire project the night before it was due. My advice to other procrastinators is to just start the project, and don’t stop. If you can’t think of anything, do something else productive. Otherwise, you’ll get stuck in a rut. Don’t multitask while doing homework either. It doesn’t work. “I will do it later” an excuse. Just do it.